1st day:

In Manaus arrival, transport to the hotel and accommodation. Free Day.

2nd day:

Check out of the hotel, transport to the airport and boarding on the chartered flight to SUCUNDURI INN (flight duration 1:10). At the inn, preparation of the fishing equipment, introduction of the fishing guides and the start of the complete all-inclusive package.

3rd to 7th day:

Five days dedicated to fishing.

8th day:

after breakfast or lunch, chartered flight back to Manaus.

We offer all the necessary support to organize large and small groups logistics. From the reservation of the transfer in Manaus and accommodation, until the air charter (Manaus/Inn/Manaus).

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How to get

Considering that the starting point for the hostel is the city of Manaus-AM, there are two options:

1st option: Charter flight Manaus / Pousada with duration of 1: 10h.

2nd option: Manaus / Novo Aripuanã express boat + land and river transfer to the pousada.

Chartered flight

Twin-engine airplane Manaus / Pousada Sucunduri

Number of Passengers: 06 Passenger Luggage: 10Kg

Price per Section:  R$ 5,300.00

Seaplane Manaus / Pousada Sucunduri

Number of Passengers: 08 Passenger Luggage: 20Kg

Price per segment: R$ 9,000.00

Grand Caravan airplane

Manaus / Pousada Sucunduri

Number of Passengers: 10

Passenger Luggage: 15Kg

Price per Section: R$ 7.000,00

Note: If there is another group at the entrance or exit the air expenses will be split between the parties.

Express boat

Express speedboat to the city of Novo Aripuanã (9 to 10h trip) + ground transfer in vans or minibuses from the city of Novo Aripuanã to Arara Community on the banks of the Arara River (1: 30h average trip in 50km of road) land) + riverboat transfer from the Arara community to the pousada (on average 2: 40h of navigation depending on river level).

Passenger express boat Manaus / Novo Aripuanã: R$ 200,00 per passenger, lunch included (each section). Departures from Manaus: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6am from the central port of Manaus. Departures from Novo Aripuanã: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8am from the city port. Travel time between Manaus and Novo Aripuanã: 9 to 10h. Number of passengers 60/100.

If it is by express boat

If you choose to travel by express boat, here are some considerations and values ​​for consideration.

  • As the boats from Manaus to Novo Aripuanã leave the port at 6am, it may be necessary to stay overnight in Manaus. Estimated hotel values ​​in Manaus (near the port) range from R $ 55,00 to R $ 150,00 per person, considering double or triple rooms.

  • Transfer by van airport / hotel in the port is around R$ 150,00 holding up to 10 passengers..

  • Since the speedboat journey takes an average of 10 hours to reach New Aripuanã, it is necessary to stay overnight in the city before proceeding with the land transfer. Night value is $ 60.00 per person.

  • The value of land transfer by van from Novo Aripuanã to the Arara community is R $ 1,000.00 for up to 4 passengers (round trip).

  • The price of the river boat transfer from the Arara community to the hostel is R $ 1,600.00 for up to 4 passengers (round trip)

NOTE: As these are services provided by third parties, we are not responsible for any adjustment to the amounts detailed above.

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